If you wish to read these books before they are banned I would suggest you move quickly. Amazon is currently, the only place that has them. Buy them quickly!

To Murder Matt by Viveca Benoir

Matt – The Beginning by Viveca Benoir

What don’t they want you to read? What is so dark it’s being banned?  What don’t they think YOU can handle?

Hurry! Hurry!

These books are dark suspense romances with a really horrid villain (Matt). They contain taboo subject matter including rape, ‘pseudo incest’, and domestic violence. You have been warned.  Adults over 18 only, due to graphic sexual content of the books.  MTB - MATT -the beginning

Another 5 Star Review for ‘To Murder Matt’


To Murder Matt
by Viveca Benoir (Goodreads Author) 

Jf Vallee‘s review

Apr 02, 15

Viveca Benoir is a great storyteller. This book has hard, controversial, difficult story lines woven into an intelligent dark saga, full of earthy Machiavellian plots – all from Matt. Each one a WTF moment. It’s a book that grabs you buy the balls and doesn’t let you go until the last page. Gripping, interesting, and with infuriating characters sometimes. You won’t be able to walk away from this without being changed in some way. It’s like being run over by a bulldozer. You know you have read it. You won’t forget it either. It’s not a book that sits amongst all the other books. It stands alone, daring you to read it. If you get all the way through this book then you should get a survivors badge. “I read To Murder Matt!’

Matt is not a nice guy. He uses everyone that is in his way. Men, women, doesn’t matter who. If he thinks he can use you he will. Women are just sex objects there for his pleasure. He enjoys toying with them, using them. It’s all about him. Possessive and jealous about Veronique to the point of obsession. She’s his property. He owns her, every bit of her. He owns every woman he meets, until he discards them. Throws them away without a second glance, like used condoms.

Come and get me...

Come and get me…

Morals? He hasn’t even heard of them. He will have sex wherever he can get it, with whomever he is closest to. One scene springs to mind. Hospital bed, nurse, sick wife. A class(less) act. Unforgettable. He’s an alley cat. A player. You might say a typical misogynistic guy. A con man. Always thinking about what’s in it for him. He shows no feelings, has no remorse. A socio /psychopath of the extreme.

Matt is basically a devil going through the lives of those around him. He deserves to be a target.

Well written. Not for the light readers or those looking for a soppy happy night time read. You will feel as violated as his victims. This is a roller coaster of twisted darkness of humungous proportions. Enough said.

And the reviews are coming in…

Venia 2 MTBThank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I should like to thank everyone that leaves reviews. Whether you like a book or not, tastes are different we get that. Readers are different, authors writing styles, and subjects are too.

We, as authors, appreciate the fact that you took the time to write it. What most don’t realise is that if a reader leaves a bad review, it’s not because an Author necessarily wrote a bad book, and they, the reader, a bad review…it’s all about connection. You loved a book, or you got mad enough about a book – to even leave a review. You got involved. (Woohoo!) There was something so irking you about a character, or a plot, that you felt you had to tell people…and that in itself is great! 😀

I write controversial books. It’s what I do. The books are my escapism into another world and so I always get a mixed bag of reviews. I am prepared for it now. Some of you get in to my mind and see the possibilities. Some of you don’t. Some of you are left at the door whimpering and cowering at the nastiness of the world, and you scamper back into the safety of your perfect world.

I like that. I like that we connect, even for a short time.

I love writing with such a passion that I do this to breathe. I live in my mind, in that ‘other world.’  I come out only to release my books to the world.

Here take my babies, take them to your hearts, your minds. Let me touch your soul…dare you?

Read me…Read my books.  Lets join our minds if only for an instance…

Another great review for Matt – the Beginning! :D

Published on Goodreads.

Fee’s review Mar 28, 15 
4 of 5 stars

Read from March 23 to 24, 2015

After reading “To Murder Matt” I was left reeling about Matt and what could have possibly have happened in his past to make him the way he was and in Matt: the beginning we find out just that. Can I just say that you do not have to had read “To Murder Matt” before reading this one.

To be honest it makes me hate him even more – if that is possible. At first I was beginning to feel sorry for him – everything he had to endure from his father and his childhood, that is until he got sent to live with a foster family – a rich family at that.

Natalie MTBFrom there I lost all sympathy for him and realised he was just pure evil. From the moment he realised what he was doing and that he just kept on that path, not to mention the things he does (although I had insight from reading To Murder Matt) shocked me.

Some readers may find this a hard read due the nature of the storyline but there is no denying that this is a book you cant put down as you want to know more about him.

It was good to get the little insight – or reminder depending on if you have read the other books – on certain characters he meets which leads up to “To Murder Matt”.

4 stars

5 star review for Matt – the beginning

Matt – the Beginning by Viveca Benoir (Goodreads Author)

Matt MTB 2Karen Hrdlicka‘s review

Mar 28, 15

Read in March, 2015

This was the first work of Viveca Benoir’s that I have read. I looked at the synopsis for To Murder Matt and wondered why the main character was so twisted and despised. After reading Matt-the Beginning I can more fully understand why Matt is such a tormented and hated character. I like Ms. Benoir’s style very much. The story is well paced and the action is rapid fire. So much happened in the first thirty pages, I found myself stopping to process what the poor young man was going through.This book begins with Matt’s tragic birth, along with a sister he never knew existed. The twins are sent to separate adoptive homes and live completely different lives, each never knowing the other lives nearby. Matt’s life is hardly ideal. His mother loves him intensely however, to say his father is an ass, is an understatement. The abuse Matt and his mother suffer is the driving force behind much of the development of Matt’s character. Throughout the story he is thrown curveball after curveball, molding him into an young man who uses sex for power and control. He is ambitious and headstrong and if someone crosses him there will be retaliation. No spoilers here, just be aware that Matt has seen a lot of crap in his life and except for his mother no one seems to have given him a fair shake. I am looking forward to reading other books by Ms. Benoir

Meet Venia from ‘Matt-the beginning’ by Viveca Benoir

Venia 2 MTB

Release date: 30th March 2015


Meet Natalie from ‘Matt- the beginning.’

Natalie MTB


Matt is back! 30th March 2015
Matt – The Beginning by Viveca Benoir
Pre Order Link:



Matt is back…

Matt is a devil amongst men.
In ‘To Murder Matt,’ Matt was the most hated man on the planet. People around him wanted to murder him. He was abusive, mean and a downright nasty character that you prayed you would never meet.
Here we read his story. We join him on his journey through life from his very first breath and we find out why he becomes a devil amongst men.
Whatever you think you know about Matt, throw it out of the window, it’s wrong. You need to read his story.
A dark, twisting novel of grand passions, heart breaking love, betrayal, death, deceit and lies.
Important. Suitable for aged 18+ Adults only. Contains sexually explicit scenes.
Matt – The Beginning by Viveca Benoir

MTB - MATT -the beginning

From Russia with Love:

Here is a Review from Russia. Dancing with Devia, by Viveca Benoir

From Russia with Love: (Using Google Translate to English)

I want to share with you the opinion of the book, which excited the last literally my brain . The book Dancing with Devia, author Viveca Benoir not like the ones that are transferred in a group, it does not have the love to which we are accustomed , dark eroticism (although in the book quite hard and sex scenes ), but this does not detract from its merits .
Action itself begins with the fact that the main character is sitting on death row, where and tells his story, that in itself is interesting. The main character is not a young, beautiful, virgin or inexperienced girl, which like most of our heroines. She – a woman thirty some problems in appearance. She is so obsessed with the main character, so it comes down to mind that our adorable alpha males sitting just nervously smoking in aside.
The book is very interesting to show how it goes towards its goal, some events so unexpected and even horrify. The ending, as for me, very cool.

In Russian

Хочу поделиться с Вами мнением о книге, которая вчера буквально взбудоражила мой мозг. Книга Dancing with Devia
автор Viveca Benoir не похожа на те, что переводятся в группе, в ней нет той любви,к которой мы с вами привыкли, темной эротики (хотя в книге достаточно жестких и сексуальных сцен), но это никак не умаляет ее достоинств.
Само действие начинается, с того, что главный герой сидит в камере смертников, откуда и рассказывает свою историю, что уже само по себе интересно. Главная героиня не молодая, красивая, девственница или неопытная девушка, на которую похожи большинство наших героинь. Она – женщина за тридцать с определенными проблемами во внешности. Она настолько одержима главным героем, так сходит по нему с ума, что наши обожаемые альфа-самцы просто нервно курят в сторонке.
В книге очень интересно показывается как она идет к своей цели, некоторые события настолько неожиданны и даже приводят в ужас. Концовка, как по мне, очень крутая.

Darya Galkina
Clinical Psychology

Dancing with Devia

Dancing with Devia