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5 star review of Dancing with Devia!
5.0 out of 5 stars

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This is another great read filled with lots of twists May 8, 2015
By BookWorm

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I read Dancing with DEE-VEE-AH today and was once again floored by Viveca Benoir’s writing ability! I was again so engrossed in her story telling that the rest of my world took a back seat. I am hoping for another book in this series because with the way this one ended, Viveca just threw us readers in for a little did she or didn’t she!!!! I am one of those readers who must know! I need my answers and it will drive me nuts now until I get them!! Devia wants Julian and will stop at nothing to get him, even if that means destroying anyone in his life. Julian had it all; a loving wife and two children .. until he didn’t thanks to Devia. Everytime I read the name Devia, I can’t help but think it means devious .. it doesn’t, it actually means goddess, which she believes she is!!! Julian is now on death row for murders he did not commit, his life is in ruins. The story is told with Julian reflecting on what has happened. Jullian doesn’t realize his chance encounter at an antique car museum was all part of a well planned plot by a master manipulater named Devia. If you read Matt’s books then you will remember VEE-NEE-AH, she has a small part in this book too, but I don’t want to give more away. This is a another great read filled with lots of twists, turns, and surprises. Now about that ending????? This was a five star read for me!!! I need another book!! Well done, I enjoyed this book tremendously.


Dancing with Devia
by Viveca Benoir

Stephanie Marshall‘s review –

Dec 14, 14
Read in December, 2014

Dancing with Devia it is one crazy good book. Jullian never even realizes that one innocent meeting with a woman named Devia at a car show had the potential to send him and his life on a whirlwind of unpredictable circumstances with horrible consequences.

I enjoyed the way that the story is told, from the point of Jullian looking back to explain to us how he ended up where he is at this time.
He was a man that went from believing he had it all, a loving wife, two amazing children and a career that he loved, to losing it all. The hardest part to watch was him not even knowing or understanding how everything was pulled out from underneath him, he was always in the dark.
Devia is a devil on earth. She believes she should have whatever she wants no matter what the cost is to others. I do believe she has no soul.
Throughout this book we are taken on a ride, right alongside with Jullian, the only difference we at least had a little of a clue what was going on behind the scenes.
This book kept me on my toes, at times it was hard to tell what was up or coming next. The only truth throughout was Devia was a conniving, horrible human being that will stop at nothing for what she wants. Jullian appears to be a very naïve, individual who doesn’t listen to his own gut when he should have and it gets him in quite a few predicaments.
Viveca Benoir does a great job with writing using the element of surprise, catching the reader off guard. Just when you think you know where the story is going another aspect is thrown in the changes the story entirely. Even after finishing I was left thinking was that real, and who is telling the truth….

Judie‘s review – 5 Stars

Dec 13, 14
Read on December 13, 2014

Well damn! That was insanely amazing! Poor Julian had no idea what he got himself into with Devia. Completely, twisted & kick ass is this read! I couldn’t put it down from the go! A MUST READ!!

REVIEW by: http://www.ebookaddicts.net/blog-tour-dancing-with-devia-by-viveca-benoir/

What a fantastic read! I loved every minute of this book – 5 Stars

Devia – devious, dastardly and bloody brilliant at the same time. Julian has no idea what has hit him when a one chance meeting with Devia whilst at a Antique Car Museum, manages to turn his life upside down.

This is full of twists and so engrossing that I couldn’t put it down! The ending … Wow even get I am thinking who is it really?

Brilliant book and I am loving Viveca Benoir, can’t wait to read more from her.

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Posted on March 7, 2015

Here is a Review from Russia. Dancing with Devia, by Viveca Benoir

(Using Google Translate to English)

I want to share with you the opinion of the book, which excited the last literally my brain . The book Dancing with Devia, author Viveca Benoir not like the ones that are transferred in a group, it does not have the love to which we are accustomed , dark eroticism (although in the book quite hard and sex scenes ), but this does not detract from its merits .
Action itself begins with the fact that the main character is sitting on death row, where and tells his story, that in itself is interesting. The main character is not a young, beautiful, virgin or inexperienced girl, which like most of our heroines. She – a woman thirty some problems in appearance. She is so obsessed with the main character, so it comes down to mind that our adorable alpha males sitting just nervously smoking in aside.
The book is very interesting to show how it goes towards its goal, some events so unexpected and even horrify. The ending, as for me, very cool.

In Russian

Хочу поделиться с Вами мнением о книге, которая вчера буквально взбудоражила мой мозг. Книга Dancing with Devia
автор Viveca Benoir не похожа на те, что переводятся в группе, в ней нет той любви,к которой мы с вами привыкли, темной эротики (хотя в книге достаточно жестких и сексуальных сцен), но это никак не умаляет ее достоинств.
Само действие начинается, с того, что главный герой сидит в камере смертников, откуда и рассказывает свою историю, что уже само по себе интересно. Главная героиня не молодая, красивая, девственница или неопытная девушка, на которую похожи большинство наших героинь. Она – женщина за тридцать с определенными проблемами во внешности. Она настолько одержима главным героем, так сходит по нему с ума, что наши обожаемые альфа-самцы просто нервно курят в сторонке.
В книге очень интересно показывается как она идет к своей цели, некоторые события настолько неожиданны и даже приводят в ужас. Концовка, как по мне, очень крутая.

Darya Galkina
Clinical Psychology


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