Other Titles Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Each book can be read as a standalone or can be read together as a saga.

Twisted Tales
A series of short stories, with an unexpected twist in the tale.

Seven Days
A journey of the final seven days in the lives of different people. An epic story of love, passion, hope and despair.

Flight VB0619
When an airline captain realises what is happening on board he must choose to save the world, or die trying. A story of how one man must decide whether to sacrifice everything, and every one he loves, for the benefit of mankind.

Diary of an Elizabethan Lady
From a pre war childhood through to lady of modern times. This book tells of one woman’s journey from childhood through to her final breath. A true story of humour, love, and hope from beyond the grave.

Crushed Pansies.
When Lena is walking to her supermarket one day, she stops to buy flowers. As she looks down to take money from her purse, she sees crushed pansies on the floor by her feet. Little does she know that those broken flowers will unlock and open a Pandora’s box of well hidden memories from her childhood, involving years of mental torture, physical abuse and despair.
A fictional account of suffering, abuse and triumph, based on a true story.

The 100 Steps
Everything was once perfect. The perfect life, the perfect love, the perfect everything. How could she lose it all? One fateful day everything changes and her world comes crashing down around her ears.
The ultimate story of love, lies, deceit and betrayal. How lies lead to the hardest fall of all, out of love, and into despair.

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