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Another great review for Matt – the Beginning! :D

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Fee’s review Mar 28, 15 
4 of 5 stars

Read from March 23 to 24, 2015

After reading “To Murder Matt” I was left reeling about Matt and what could have possibly have happened in his past to make him the way he was and in Matt: the beginning we find out just that. Can I just say that you do not have to had read “To Murder Matt” before reading this one.

To be honest it makes me hate him even more – if that is possible. At first I was beginning to feel sorry for him – everything he had to endure from his father and his childhood, that is until he got sent to live with a foster family – a rich family at that.

Natalie MTBFrom there I lost all sympathy for him and realised he was just pure evil. From the moment he realised what he was doing and that he just kept on that path, not to mention the things he does (although I had insight from reading To Murder Matt) shocked me.

Some readers may find this a hard read due the nature of the storyline but there is no denying that this is a book you cant put down as you want to know more about him.

It was good to get the little insight – or reminder depending on if you have read the other books – on certain characters he meets which leads up to “To Murder Matt”.

4 stars

5 star review for Matt – the beginning

Matt – the Beginning by Viveca Benoir (Goodreads Author)

Matt MTB 2Karen Hrdlicka‘s review

Mar 28, 15

Read in March, 2015

This was the first work of Viveca Benoir’s that I have read. I looked at the synopsis for To Murder Matt and wondered why the main character was so twisted and despised. After reading Matt-the Beginning I can more fully understand why Matt is such a tormented and hated character. I like Ms. Benoir’s style very much. The story is well paced and the action is rapid fire. So much happened in the first thirty pages, I found myself stopping to process what the poor young man was going through.This book begins with Matt’s tragic birth, along with a sister he never knew existed. The twins are sent to separate adoptive homes and live completely different lives, each never knowing the other lives nearby. Matt’s life is hardly ideal. His mother loves him intensely however, to say his father is an ass, is an understatement. The abuse Matt and his mother suffer is the driving force behind much of the development of Matt’s character. Throughout the story he is thrown curveball after curveball, molding him into an young man who uses sex for power and control. He is ambitious and headstrong and if someone crosses him there will be retaliation. No spoilers here, just be aware that Matt has seen a lot of crap in his life and except for his mother no one seems to have given him a fair shake. I am looking forward to reading other books by Ms. Benoir

What IS a girl to do??

A brand new box of 30 Ferrero Rocher, Matt Mellor (of To Murder Matt) and myself, alone with the typewriter.

What more could a girl wish for?
(Oh, you will NOT believe what Matt is really like). Is he very good…or very bad?
And what do YOU want him to be? He is surprising the pants off me…

Remember Matt?? Here he is…

Come and get me...

Come and get me…

‘Matt – The Beginning’ – coming soon!