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Release date 28th October 2016

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Cover Release With Murder in Mind

Cover Release With Murder in Mind by Viveca Benoir

The latest in the mind twisting suspense romance and family saga that is driving people mad.  Mad with desire, mad with rage and mad to get their hands on her books.
Every book flies off the shelf the moment Viveca Benoir releases another.

This international best selling writer knows how to weave a dark tale.

Warning: Not for the faint of heart, narrow minded, under age, or uneducated readers. The pictures she paints with her words cannot be undone. Once you read her work you will never forget her, or her dark characters.

Suitable for (broadminded) readers aged 18+ only, due to the graphic nature of some chapters.
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Mind worms on their way to you…

With Murder in Mind – Release date: 28th October 2016


The sixth book in the Matt Saga. The characters find themselves all moving forward towards their own personal goals of revenge and survival. For Matt, Julian, and Devia, their lives forever entwined, things will never be the same. Marie continues to dance to her own tune.

Age 18+. Some chapters contain adult scenes of violence and graphic sexual content.