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Release date 28th October 2016

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Cover Release With Murder in Mind

Cover Release With Murder in Mind by Viveca Benoir

The latest in the mind twisting suspense romance and family saga that is driving people mad.  Mad with desire, mad with rage and mad to get their hands on her books.
Every book flies off the shelf the moment Viveca Benoir releases another.

This international best selling writer knows how to weave a dark tale.

Warning: Not for the faint of heart, narrow minded, under age, or uneducated readers. The pictures she paints with her words cannot be undone. Once you read her work you will never forget her, or her dark characters.

Suitable for (broadminded) readers aged 18+ only, due to the graphic nature of some chapters.
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Red Veil of Murder – Breathe it in!

“I seriously can’t get enough of this author and her characters. I literally inhaled this story in one sitting.” Goodreads Reviewer

Red Veil of Murder
by Viveca Benoir

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And the reviews are coming in…

Venia 2 MTBThank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I should like to thank everyone that leaves reviews. Whether you like a book or not, tastes are different we get that. Readers are different, authors writing styles, and subjects are too.

We, as authors, appreciate the fact that you took the time to write it. What most don’t realise is that if a reader leaves a bad review, it’s not because an Author necessarily wrote a bad book, and they, the reader, a bad review…it’s all about connection. You loved a book, or you got mad enough about a book – to even leave a review. You got involved. (Woohoo!) There was something so irking you about a character, or a plot, that you felt you had to tell people…and that in itself is great! 😀

I write controversial books. It’s what I do. The books are my escapism into another world and so I always get a mixed bag of reviews. I am prepared for it now. Some of you get in to my mind and see the possibilities. Some of you don’t. Some of you are left at the door whimpering and cowering at the nastiness of the world, and you scamper back into the safety of your perfect world.

I like that. I like that we connect, even for a short time.

I love writing with such a passion that I do this to breathe. I live in my mind, in that ‘other world.’  I come out only to release my books to the world.

Here take my babies, take them to your hearts, your minds. Let me touch your soul…dare you?

Read me…Read my books.  Lets join our minds if only for an instance…