Another great review for Matt – the Beginning! :D

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Fee’s review Mar 28, 15 
4 of 5 stars

Read from March 23 to 24, 2015

After reading “To Murder Matt” I was left reeling about Matt and what could have possibly have happened in his past to make him the way he was and in Matt: the beginning we find out just that. Can I just say that you do not have to had read “To Murder Matt” before reading this one.

To be honest it makes me hate him even more – if that is possible. At first I was beginning to feel sorry for him – everything he had to endure from his father and his childhood, that is until he got sent to live with a foster family – a rich family at that.

Natalie MTBFrom there I lost all sympathy for him and realised he was just pure evil. From the moment he realised what he was doing and that he just kept on that path, not to mention the things he does (although I had insight from reading To Murder Matt) shocked me.

Some readers may find this a hard read due the nature of the storyline but there is no denying that this is a book you cant put down as you want to know more about him.

It was good to get the little insight – or reminder depending on if you have read the other books – on certain characters he meets which leads up to “To Murder Matt”.

4 stars

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