What I love about my readers…

I try to interact with as many readers as possible (via social media/ email / private messages etc). I love the feedback you give me. I love the way you either LOVE or HATE my characters.

And when I say love or hate, I mean it. Let’s take Matt for example, some people adored him, despite how nasty he can be. Some people hated him so much that they got so emotional with the book that they never wanted to hear his name again, or see him in another book.. EVER.

I love that, because it tells me as a writer that I managed to reach you. I managed to get you to feel. The biggest sadness for a writer is indifference.

And to those of you who are protesting against him having his own book called ‘Matt – the beginning’ and showing your protest by reducing the star ratings you first gave me.

I thank you. Matt reached you. And I LOVE it. There can be no better applause for him as a fictional character than by your actions to try show the world how much you hate him (as a character).

To me it’s fiction, that’s all. Fiction. But to you, Matt became real. Thank you so much for your lessening votes


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Have you thought of writing your own book?

I have to agree with Marie Force. My book, my work, my effort, my tears, so yes – my characters, my story, my rules.

Simple message. Go, have the courage to write your own book if you don’t like the book you are reading. Don’t attack the author.

Writing your own book will give you such a sense of achievement. Suddenly you will find that you become so appreciative of other writers, their work. You will praise them openly.

Only those who have stepped into the flames themselves can understand the effort required to not only follow your dreams, but make them happen. Yet, nothing is stopping others from following their dreams too, only themselves.

So put your money where your mouth is – or in this case your fingers to the keyboard and show us what you have got. I will not attack you, but others ‘like you’ may. Can you take the heat?

Over to you…