To Murder Matt scores 5 stars again!!

5 stars   Published on
I am extremely glad I decided to read the books in this order
ByBookWormon May 9, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I read To Murder Matt after Matt -The Beginning. I am extremely glad I decided to read the books in thisorder, and did so on the advice of a friend. It made following the story so much easier for me. On that note,phewwwww, what a read!!!! This is an extremely intense, and atsome times,disturrbing and graphic read. At about 83%, I had to put the book down and stop for a few minutes to catch my breath, but then I came back as I was anxious to finish this book! I think you could have made me #5 and added me to the list of people who now wanted to kill Matt. Matt went from a beloved champion race car driver and international playboy to the DEVIL! It’s official I HATE him!!!! Ellen. Dean. Veronique. Nico. Four people want Matt dead and they all have different reasons. Who killed Matt? Viveca did it again with her extraordinary writing and intricatestory telling. My husband had to pick my jaw up from the floor. Five stars!!!!! I am hooked, line, and sinker for your books!!!!

Come and get me...

Come and get me…

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