Another 5* review on Barnes & Noble:

OMG! OMG! WHAT A GREAT BOOK!!! I just finished it. I had to leave a review!!! GIVE ME MORE OF THIS AMAZING WRITER!!! Just the best book I have ever read. It’s gritty, real, DARK, very DARK. It’s life. REAL life. Every page turns itself. I couldn’t stop reading. My eyes burned into the pages and I put my whole life on hold, so I could finish it in one sitting. This is a unique book, I have never read anything like it. It’s AMAZING, full of twisting plots, great characters, and as long as you hang in there, everything is answered, all your questions. I couldn’t believe the ending. I do want more books by this writer. And it would make an amazing movie. WOW. AM still blown away!!!! MORE OF THE SAME PLEASE.

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To Murder Matt
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