It is LIVE. To Murder Matt can be found in all good online book stores

Ladies and Gentlemen,

To celebrate a lifetimes ambition, and dream (and my birthday today), I am proud to announce the release of a book that I wrote in the late 1980’s. It was deemed, by the publishing houses (then), as TOO RAUNCHY, AND TOO DARK for the public market. It deals with difficult issues such as, rape, domestic violence, and taboo subject matters. All issues, that the large publishing houses /publishers felt ‘didn’t happen in real life’, but they do, don’t they?

And so, here is the work, that hid under the bed, lurking until YOU were ready to read it. You WILL need a broad mind to read it, (18+) and it may take your mind to places you don’t want to go. All events, were thoroughly researched (over years) with people who went through the traumatic experiences mentioned in this book, in real life, and they were good enough to share them with me for the book, but it IS fictional.

Are you ready? Then, here are the links for you to get YOUR copy. It is available worldwide. (Just look for my Author name). And because its my Birthday, the SPECIAL launch price is only $4.99 – (or local currency equivalent). It will normally be priced at $7.99.

Get your copy now, and be the first to review it on your online sites. Please enjoy. 

Amazon / Kindle Links

Amazon US:

For other countries, please just search for my author name.

Barnes & Noble
Google Play

Google Books, Apple iBooks, and printed/paperbacks coming soon (currently being processed by them, and am awaiting the links)

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