5 stars again for Matt – the Beginning

Emma‘s review

Apr 04, 15
Matt the Beginning is the prequel to To Murder Matt by Viveca Benoir. This book takes you through Matt’s troubled start from birth and asks the question does life make you who you are or are those dark urges always inside you from birth?

Matt faces unimaginable challenges throughout his early life and is often let down by those in the position to protect and care for him, this book did make me empathise with Matt at some points, I have read To Murder Matt and so know what he goes onto become and be so this book helped me get inside his mind to see how he became the man in the next book and how he met some of the characters who are also in the next book, but he evolves through this book from making bad choices to delighting in the torment and power he can cause for his own gain… A true Devil in disguise that walks the earth.

Yes Matt has a heart in this book, it’s not fully cold and black yet, he has moments where he cares, feels and thinks of others but then someone lets him down or events don’t work out as planned: this highly intelligent and ambitious young man won’t be let down and revels in his revenge, retaliation and retribution upon those who wrong him: via sex, manipulation or plain old black mail (some methods will leave you feeling uncomfortable so be aware) …He has so many points where you hope that maybe this is the one person who can help, show or save Matt from his chosen path but no, the stage is now set for Matt and this ending leads seamlessly into To Murder Matt.

A twisted tale of epic proportions that makes you question nature versus nurture.

** reviewed on behalf of Obsessed By Books **

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