“It was amazing.” 5 * Review for Matt- the Beginning

Published on Goodreads:

VBV rated it 5 of 5 starsVenia 1 MTB

Shelves: dark-twisted, murder-mystery, suspense-romance, brilliant-books

Main characters are Matt, Natalie, Marie, Julia, Venia, and a brief glimpse of Ellen

This book takes you through Matt’s journey from his first breaths. How he goes through life being shaped by people and events around him. He can go one way or another. The fact that there is a book called “To Murder Matt” already tells us he can’t turn out well. It’s already hinting at a car crash in slow motion. And we get to see him rise and fall.

One after another the women come into his life. They change him bit by bit. He falls into sex, into love and as he is spurned by one, he plans his revenge on all women. No surprise there. Matt isn’t an angel. For the reader there are the what might have beens. The ‘what ifs’. What if that hadn’t happened? How would a nice Matt be?

Matt shows he has a heart in this book and I, for one, felt hope. After all, isn’t that what he ultimately wants and is searching for? Love? What could the love of a good woman do for Matt?

Matt is damaged goods. He starts off broken and by the end he’s the nasty Matt we know and love. Totally beyond redemption.

A devil amongst men? He’s a bloody sexy one at that.

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